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I BENANDANTI [Carlo Ginzburg] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Con questo volume (apparso in prima edizione nel ) Carlo Ginzburg ha ricostruito una vicenda, che getta nuova luce sul problema generale della. The benandanti came armed with stalks of fennell, the witches and Carlo Ginzburg’s account of this Friulian ‘fertility cult’, as he calls it, first.

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Carlo Ginzburg provides a fascinating window into how high learned culture and popular culture affected one another in the early modern world. So far I have read about the ‘benandanti’ and the Italian Branch of the Inquisition and now am reading about werewo 1 of: This book carefully carol an analysis of folklore, popular tradition, and culture.

Considering the benandanti to be “a fertility cult”, Ginzburg draws parallels with similar visionary traditions found throughout the Alps and also from the Baltic, such as that of the Livonian werewolfand also to the widespread folklore surrounding the Wild Hunt. Journal of Social History. While Zorzi did orchestrate the arrest, he had no men spare to transfer the prisoner, and so let him go.

There is simply no way to know if the benandanti were only saying what they felt needed to be said, or if they actually accepted it as truth. The accused witch told the local woman that she had no choice in the matter, since these things were up to God, and she should simply learn to live with it, as the accused had. Ginzburg reliably shot well past of the attested historical record in his books.

Five years after Sgabarizza’s original investigation, on ginzbufg Junethe inquisitor Fra Felice da Montefalco decided to revive the case of the benandanti. Moreover, even the most outlandish drug cannot account for multiple benandanti who have never met in person claiming that their captain is red-headed, or being able to name the witches in other villages in the region.


It was precisely these elements that reappeared, as we gknzburg see more clearly, in the confessions of the female Friulian benandanti. The female benandanti performed other sacred tasks.

Benandanti – Wikipedia

Coming back from battle they would stop I houses and seek refreshment. Such is the case ginsburg the benandanti of the Friuli north-eastern region of Italy. Questa trasformazione ha probabilmente valore esemplare. True, the Inquisitors were, at this period, more preoccupied with other matters: About the Author Benandajti is completing his studies in the fields of art history and comparative literature at New York University.

On his last two points, I did not say that the beliefs of the benandanti with which he was concerned in his book provided the common man with explanations the Church could not.

Armed with fennel sticks the Benadante were ready to defendmean while the witches were armed with Sorghum sticks. The Life of Margaret Alice Murray: Ginzburg is clearly the authority and has establish a reputation as one of the most learned scholars in matters of inquisition and witch hunt. The book lacks benandantii good conclusion and often the author is merely making educated guesses unsupported by the evidence offered.

Night Battles: How the Benandanti Fought Witches During the Sabbath

We differ surely only over what counts as evidence. Although Sgabarizza soon abandoned his investigations, in the case was reopened by the inquisitor Fra’ Felice de Montefalco, who interrogated not only Gasparotto but also a variety of other local benandanti and spirit mediums, ultimately condemning some of them for the crime of heresy. The benandanti reported leaving their bodies in the shape of mice, cats, gonzburg, or butterflies.

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The author does a great job explaining the concepts that even a layman would find it comprehensible and enjoyable. But men do not change their beliefs unless they have reasons for so doing, although they may well, of course, change the accounts they give of them.

I benandanti. Stregoneria e culti agrari tra Cinquecento e Seicento

This page was last edited on 18 Decemberat Cqrlo his original Italian preface, Ginzburg noted that historians of Early Modern witchcraft had become “accustomed” to viewing the confessions of accused witches as being “the consequences of torture and of suggestive questioning by the judges”.

Ginzburg, Carlo [].

Night Battles is fascinating. In the end the problem of how to condemn the benandanti as heretics became academic. We have learned to dismiss the Inquisition, to view its cases, its hundreds of years of history as a self-fulfilling prophesy gone terribly wrong.

John and Anne Tedeschi translators. Ginzburg looks at the agricultural elements to the benandanti’s battles with their satanic opponents, arguing that their clashes represent an “agricultural rite” that symbolized the forces of famine fighting the o of plenty.

Either way, it is a fascinating snapshot based on accounts at the time into that society and region. Dec 04, Michael rated it really liked it. In the woods the spirits of the benandanti would meet the witches in the throes of their Sabbath.