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Sign in. Main menu. Entry Limit. Number of entries will be limited with 9, runners. Early submission of the entry form will guarantee your participation in the marathon. Training und Vorbereitung auf den nächsten, professionellen Lauf (10 km) laufen #trainingsplan #motivationfirst #weekend #endlichnochmehrzeitfürsport.

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What is the best part of my comeback this year? A new PR for wooperey for 21km.

Das Reglement und noch mehr Details | J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge

From one batch to another! As for me I had fun sharing what Lwuf10 know when it comes to running. Welcoming wooperey to my fave playground and to the area i love the most- the mini uphill at heartbreak hill.

From one batch to another. There is always a first time. I was able to ran 22km at a very slow pace. From north to south. Feeling lauff10 tired but fulfilled as I am able to pay it forward.

Sulit ang Filinvest sakin this weekend.

TBR 1st Bull Session pacers! Happy to be of service. A proud TBR and alumnus here. Vitargo on the go! For the on the go athlete! Easy to carry sachets.

Fast carb energy source without sugar to fuel me during endurance sports like triathlons and marathons. Got my start pass! Welcoming you to my favorite training ground. Brace yourself for a 6 month grueling training for your first ever marathon at tbr Me tornei mais confiante!!! Quem sabe lau1f0 dia eu volto! Nachdem das mit dem Laufen gestern Abend garnicht mal so meins war und ich nach 2 km enorme Kopfschmerzen bekommen habe, habe ich den Lauf dann wieder auf morgens verlegt und meinen Trainingsplan ein wenig variiert.

Heute morgen mal ein Intervallmorgen mit 8x m Sprints und Ein- und Auslaufen manhatjasonstnixzutun. Trainingstag 2 70 Minuten langsamer Dauerlauf. Und weil ich mich verguckt habe und beim 1. One step closer to my dream. Enjoyed this 16km easter run. Great part about running is you get to bump in to good friends That feeling when you had trainingspaln course for breakfast! Dream Chasers are not your ordinary race marshalls. We also provide treatment and pace the race particiants.

Mang Jun was in the verge of collapsing due to heat but, I tried to help him out for several metres until he manage to walk towards the finish line. We’re glad he’s alright after the medical team attended him. Congratulations to all the finishers of tbrdream last Sunday morning! Our biggest thanks to TBR founder, our dear mentor and mother goose jaymiepizarro for luaf10 us a chance to give back from where we started as marathoners. When we say we have your back, and you will finish, you know that we are telling the truth.


My 1st full marathon experience. I always thought that if you run in a cold weather it’s much easier.

#42kalltheway medias

I felt i was already on ice and needed to be defrosted. At the last 4km of my run, I felt so tight and stiff already and felt something painful on my knee.

This is the 1st time I’ve seen so many people cheering and supporting. Almost all have food, candies, water to offer you.

This is an experience i would never ever forget My 1st full mary, I got to spend it with different people, different culture, my laif10 Wil, my ever supportive hubby Peejay. The best part of the TBR Dream Marathon is the realization of one’s ultimate dream of finishing a seemingly impossible distance.

This was THE case of our dear friend lexxcruz! This moment took 3 years, but it was definitely worth it.

We are glad to have shared this moment with her as she fulfills her long-overdue celebration at the finish line. To our TBR batch, especially riskbreakerkiku, denabuan and kennvargas, and others who cheered and prayed for her to achieve this moment, thank you for making her day worthwhile, despite for it to wait for 3 years.

Thank you jaymiepizarro for TBR. Thank you for making her dream come true! The real run starts the moment you want to stop. Remembering my marathon debut three years ago. Training right after recovering from a serious knee injury wasn’t easy!

I was in tears whilst crossing the finish line because, I dedicated this marathon to my late parents. Good luck to all the participants of tbrdream this coming Sunday. Happy to have finished my 1st 32k ever! My fastest and longest run by far. Assignment was just to run for 3hrs but got a bonus of breaking 2 for 21k!

Yung mas prinoblema ko pa outfit ko kesa sa layo ng tatakbuhin. It was my 21k run last sunday, and she did hers too, but in australia. It was great seeing you all. TBR lunch with jaymiepizarro. Running for a cause. Always fun to run with TBR batchmates! Takbo para kay Jessa. The triforce of a weekend warrior. Out for a 10km run in an hour! One step at a time x I’m praying for your entire family’s safe relocation to Montreal two weeks from now.


We’ll see you there soon! Finished strong with official tine of 5: Please read the blog entry on my bio for the complete story. That epic closed eyes pic.

This was part of a series of pictures taken at the H-loop. I didn’t even know that there was a photographer. The other pictures will show that I was busy looking at my Garmin and when I realized that I will be hitting my target time I closed my eyes to thank God. At this point I was really in so much pain because of my piriformis syndrome.

SG Indersdorf e.V. | Sportgemeinschaft – Swim & Run

My left glutes down to lauc10 legs were so numb already. I couldn’t feel it anymore but as they say at this part of the race in the last 2km, it is no longer your body that will make you continue but it is your heart.

Just sharing the world one of the things I get addicted with.

How can I forget an event like this; “super ganda” on how they organize it. But “my journey will not end here! Will join for more sa iba nga lang. Will see you next year to “Volunteer”, “Cheer” or pag sinuwerte will become one of the “Dream Chaser”! Kudos to Jaymie and the team!. Few meters away from the finish line. Eyes on the prize! To God be the glory! Today I have not only witnessed it but I have become one of them.

It was heartbreakng to see those who didn’t make the cut off time but it was so inspiring and encouraging to see these people that even if they oauf10 in so much pain they still pushed through to finish the race add to it the dream chasers who cheered and clapped for these people. It was truly an amazing experience. This what makes TBR different from the rest. It was a thrill running and capturing it the last few hundred meters with you before the finish line!!

All the early morning training and non drinking nights are so worth it, right? Love you baby girl! Trainngsplan hell of a strong finish!